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IPTV - Review

We've recently been testing out different IPTV providers, and their hosting - and we've found quite an interesting result - in most IPTV hostings we've tested from The IPTV Guide vs others, we've noticed a performance increase of around 20%, at first we couldn't understand why, although later on we've realised and found that their IPTV Guide describes this as edge technology which helps with delivery to their IPTV users.

Analysis of IPTV Hosting

The IPTV Providers published to the iptv guide are shown to be reliable and 20% faster than their counter parts

The IPTV Guide also releases guides on how to watch IPTV on your devices, such as Roku IPTV, Firestick IPTV

The contact email and form are answered within 24h, and they tend to help their users throughout the process